Properly Uninstalling Digital Dining from WinXP

Digital Dining leaves behind some trace files when is uninstalled from a WinXP system.  So after an uninstall is performed you need to backtrack and perform a few extra steps to completely remove DD.  You want to do this when performing reinstalls to address issues or things of that nature.

Before Uninstalling DD, backup your configuration files in the Digital Dining directory.

You will want to copy the following files to a temporary location as you will drop them back once a reinstall is complete.

DDDATA.ini, DDPRINT.ini, POS.ini

Next open control panel, add remove programs and select to remove Digital Dining.

When the uninstall is complete DO NOT REBOOT yet.  Select No when prompted to reboot.

Browse out to File Explorer, and navigate to Program Files or Program Files (x86) and right click on the Digital Dining directory itself and select Delete.

Next still from File Explorer, navigate to the Windows directory.  Navigate to the Assembly directorty.  High all files that start with DD.  Delete these files.

Next Reboot and then perform a fresh install from the BackOffice\Data\CDROM directory. (ie. Setup.exe) — Always install as administrator.  Do this by right clicking the setup.exe file and select “Run As Administrator”

When the install completes, DO NOT REBOOT.  Grab your configuration files you copied out of the directory earlier and paste them in the Digital Dining Application directory.

Now you can reboot and the system should come right up and hopefully any issues being had are now resolved.