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DD Reports & Windows10

Windows 10 does some strange things with printers and Digital Dining.  And you may encounter this issue if using a Windows10 machine as your Back Office.  Symptoms of this issue could be any of the following but typically this simple fix will address any of them. Reports display incorrectly (column titles and data appears unformatted) […]

Computer Not Found Error

When attempting to connect to your data folder from a client terminal, sometimes even though you can see the backoffice machine and select the data path for DD, it will come back in a yellow status saying “Computer Not Found”. This issue seems to be Permissions/DNS related although typically changing these settings will not correct […]

How to fix QSR

QSR sometimes will display a memory allocation message and offer the ability to choose to move Storage Memory to Program Memory.  Unfortunately without a bump bar attached you have no way to select this option.  So here is the breakdown of how to address this issue: Step 1) Stand in front of the QSR box. […]

Adding Reports to Dropbox Tasks

You can have Digital Dining automatically send your reports to DropBox for you by performing the following. Open up ddsetup.exe.  Log In.  Click on Misc. Task Maintenance.  Report Task Maintenance. Name this report if this is a new report and you are not modifying an existing task. Select Report Type desired, Select specific report.  Destination […]

Prompt for Person Number

If you would for your servers to be prompted for the person number at the table when placing food or drink items in the system; perform the following. Open up ddsetup.exe.  Log in.  Navigate to Register, Register Definitions. Scroll through the definitions within here and select the drop down for Person Number and select prompt. […]

Adding Enter Server Drops

In order to allow Server Drops for staff.  Open up ddsetup.exe from the back office machine.  Log in.  Click on Windows, Register Report Maintenance, Register Report Window.  Ensure that you see “Enter Server Drops” listed available. If not “Find” it in the list to add to the window.  (You might have to remove another option […]

Setting Up Multi-Store Frequent Diner

SETTING UP THE HQ MACHINE (The machine that will house all the data for the Frequent Diner data.  This SHOULD ALWAYS BE the back office where Digital Dining is installed.) Step 1: Click on START | RUN or Press the Windows Key + r (if Windows 8 or higher).  Type ~cmd~.  In the black box […]