South Carolina Bar POS

Speed at the point-of-sale is critical to any bar’s success …
and when it comes to speed, we exceed the limit.

Bar POS System in North Charleston, SC

When it comes to running a bar, it’s important to have an effective and useful bar POS system for your cashiers or bartenders to use. A great bar POS allows your bartenders and servers to accurately and easily track each customer or table’s orders, drinks, and running totals throughout the day, transfer tabs to other servers, and alter existing orders. B&C Hospitality is your go-to choice for restaurants in South Carolina looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-use bar POS system.

With our bar POS systems, you’re able to manually enter a customer’s name while opening a new tab. Using our pre-authorization feature, you even can create a new tab by simply swiping a customer’s credit card. When the customer is ready to pay, your server or cashier can easily find the customer’s tab by sorting all the tabs alphabetically.

Convenient and Easy-to-Use Features

Double Any Drink

With only one touch, your bartenders can change any drink to a double. The POS automatically adjusts the item’s pricing and calculates the inventory reduction according to the drink’s size. This reduces the amount of time your servers need to spend at the register instead of with the customers or on other tasks.

Casino Font

Our bar POS systems use a large sales total display, which can assist customers, secret shoppers, and management auditing.

Drink Recipes

The bar POS displays and prints drink recipes, which helps inexperienced bartenders prepare uncommonly ordered or complicated drinks. This also makes a great PR tool for customers who request recipes for popular drinks or house specialties.

Quick Tab Transfer

During shift change, incoming bartenders can pick up all open tabs from an outgoing bartender with a single touch of a button. In addition, bartenders can also transfer one or more bar tabs to a different server.

Blind Drops

Ensure staff integrity by having bartenders account for the cash in their drawers by performing blind drops without a target total. These drops are included in bar POS reports that managers can use later to reconcile their bartender’s cash drawers. This holds your staff accountable for their sales and helps keep track of income and sales throughout the years.

Security Camera Interface

Maintain accountability and inventory accuracy with our bar POS’s security camera interface. Our integrated security camera interface allows you to monitor and record what drinks are poured and what price is entered for each transaction.

Benefits of an Updated Bar POS System

If you’re using an outdated POS system, chances are there’s plenty of room for improvement in the speed and service quality of your business. Our state-of-the-art bar POS system makes running your business easier, faster, and more accurate. Upgrade today and enjoy the many benefits offered by our products including:

  • More accurate inventory management
  • Higher accountability for bartenders
  • More accurate revenue tracking
  • Quicker order input and charging