Resetting a USB Printer

Resetting a USB printer, typically can be done by simply powering off the device and turning it back on. However if you are having problem communicating with your printer, check the USB cables and make sure they are plugged in tightly, in the correct ports on the computer and on the printer (if applicable). If you have checked these and still not able to communicate with the printer.


Find the USB printer in this list, if listed, stop it and remove it, then physically unplug the printer and plug it back in. Windowes should see the device and tell you about its installation progress. IF it is looking for drivers, etc …

If you have done this and all checks out but still not able to print from the printer. Open Digital Dining Print Server. Note the com port or IP address that the printer is attached to. Ensure thast the USB printer is communicating on the appropriate com port. Teh easiest way to do this is:

Click on START | RUN | type in the word: ‘cmd’, CLICK OK.

In the black box type: ‘dir > comX’ Where comX is the com port that printewr should be talking on. Press enter. The printer should print. If it does, we need to check the settings in Digital Dining Setup | Printer Settings and make sure the selection here matches what the printer is communicating across./ (ie. Com2).

Stop and resatart the print server and perform another test print from within Digital Dining.