Adding Reports to Dropbox Tasks

You can have Digital Dining automatically send your reports to DropBox for you by performing the following.

Open up ddsetup.exe.  Log In.  Click on Misc. Task Maintenance.  Report Task Maintenance. Name this report if this is a new report and you are not modifying an existing task.

Select Report Type desired, Select specific report.  Destination -> Disk File.  Output Format-> PDF.

Path -> Browse out to the location of your DropBox folder location.  Give the report a name and be sure to have it add date format to the end of the report so it doesn’t overwrite preexisting reports.

Click on Access.  Click Add Task.  Click on Schedule.  Choose “Daily” and a time for this task to run (ie. 3am)

Save and Exit.  You can now add or edit your next task and assign a different report to be pushed to DropBox.  Do this for each report you are wishing to have in your DropBox.